All About 4×6 Shipping Labels For Your Thermal Printers

If you’re currently on the market for a 4×6 thermal printer and looking for all the associated long-term costs, it may help to know the type of labels that it will require. Whether you are looking at brands like Brother, Dymo, Zebra, or up-and-coming off-brand thermal printers, what kind of labels the thermal printer requires is important. So we will go over the different types of thermal labels, compatibility with types of thermal printers, and how you can get the cheapest 4×6 shipping labels.

What Are The Differences Types of 4×6 Thermal Labels?

If you are looking for the cheapest price of 4×6 label rolls on Amazon, you need to keep in mind the label compatibility with your thermal printer. It can be easy to get lost in all the different listings and wonder whether you are getting the correct type of labels and the best deal. There are three main types of 4×6 labels currently available on the market.

DK labels

These are proprietary labels by Brothers designed to be used with Brother label printers. The labels contain rectangular black spots in series at the back that are read by the printer to know the end of the label. The label’s dispenser also has a distinguished foot. 

Punch labels

These are proprietary labels by Dymo designed to be used with the Dymo 4XL. There have small punches between each label that allows the printer to distinguish between each sheet.

Generic labels

There are generic labels that can be used with printers that do not require proprietary labels, such as the Rollo, MFLABEL or any off-brand label printers. They do not have notches, additional marks or features. They can come in rolls or stacks.

Compatibility Chart for Thermal Printers and Labels

Below is a compatibility chart for some of the most popular thermal printers on the market. While the Brother QL-1110NWB and other similar models from Brother do require their own proprietary DK labels, they have since come out with a new model that can use regular labels. If you are interested in a full review and whether the savings from the non-proprietary labels are worth the higher printer price, read here.

Here is an easy-to-follow compatibility guide of what you need to know about all 4×6 labels.

To be used:DK labelsPunch labelsGeneric Labels
Brother QL 1110NWBYesNoNo
Dymo 4XLNoYesNo
Off brand printers*YesYesYes
Zebra printers**YesYesYes

*Offbrand printers include Meihengtong, MFLABEL, Jiose, MYNBYN, ect.

**Zebra has many models currently on the market and on the second-hand markets. If you find older models such as LP2844 or LP 2844Z that are working, they are still very much usable and are compatible with the label guide provided.

Zebra printers may include: GC420, GC420d/T, GC420t, GX420, GX430, ZD500, ZP450, ZP500, ZP505, LP2844 and LP2844Z.

Do note that third parties actually make labels with rectangles that Brother uses and labels with notches that the Dymo requires. However, both Brother and Dymo recommends their own brand proprietary labels to be used with their label printers.

Dymo goes as far as to say “DYMO’S WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER MALFUNCTION OR DAMAGE THAT MAY BE CAUSED BY THE USE OF NON-DYMO LABELS.” Brother also claims that “It is important to understand that using non-genuine Brother replacement labels may damage the Brother QL-1110NWB label printer and may not be covered under warranty.”

Cheapest 4×6 Shipping Labels For Your Thermal Printers

The recurring cost of labels can add up for the life of the thermal printer so we will go over how to get the cheapest 4×6 shipping labels. We went through recent listings to sift out the confusion for you. We even compiled a cost comparison to make sure that you are getting the best value for money.

Now let’s get into some math! Since we may live in different states with different local sales tax (or none), we will omit this cost with a “+ tax”.

Cost Comparison of 4×6 Labels

Type1 roll/200 labels per roll6 pack/200 labels per roll10 pack/200 labels per roll
DK LabelsBetckey
$12.99 + tax
$0.065 + tax per label
$39.99 + tax

$0.033 + tax per label
$53.99 + tax

$.027 + tax per label
Type2 rolls/220 labels per roll4 pack/220 labels per roll10 pack/220 labels per roll
Punch LabelsBetckey
$14.99 + tax

$0.034 + tax per label
Dasher Products
$27.99 + tax

$0.032 + tax per label
$49.98 + tax

$0.023 + tax per label
Type2 pack/250 labels per roll6 pack/250 labels per roll12 pack/250 labels per roll
Generic LabelsBetckey
$14.99 + tax

$0.030 + tax per label
$30.99 +tax

$0.021 + tax per label
$51.99 + tax

$0.017 + tax per label

Disclaimer: Brother and Dymo recommend their own brand proprietary labels to be used with their label printers. The use of third-party labels may void the warranty of the label printers. Please use it at your own risk and discretion. 

Final Tips

You can use third-party labels to save costs on printers, even if they require their own proprietary labels. It is at risk of any warranty being void. Both the Dymo 4XL and Brother products have a two years product warranty.

As you can see, the bigger the order volume, the better the deal. However, if your business is not churning out multiple orders per day, every day, it may not make sense for you to have a large order of labels. Seeing the cost of each individual label, you can see the better value between each listing to help you make a better buying decision for your business.

Finally, if you decide to go for a printer that does not use DK or Punch labels, such as the Rollo, you have even more options. You can get FREE labels from UPS and FedEx. See this post on how to get free shipping supplies, including the free thermal labels from UPS and other places.

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