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This resource page is tools and services that we are currently using and our recommendation for small businesses. We look for the best deals, starting with free. We also included budget-friendly options and other device-compatible options. Some products may be out of stock at the time of your visit.

You can also find our reviews under related articles. We will be diligent to update this page as we test and learn more about products and services. We strive to be honest to only recommend products that we like. Please refer to our disclosure page.

Thermal Printers For Small Businesses

Budget Thermal Printer

Cheaper Alternative To Rollo Thermal Printer

These also tend to go on sale with additional coupons so look out for those.

Bluetooth-capable Alternative To Rollo Thermal Printer

Best Value Wireless Thermal Label Printer

FreeX Wifi Thermal Printer (US only)

Best Wireless Thermal Label Printer

Best Wireless Thermal Label Printer – iPhones & iPad only

Office & Home Printers

Best Value Laser Printer

Best Value Inkjet Printer

Shipping Software For Small Businesses


For USPS only postage, is beginner-friendly and easy to use. Check out how to ship with Pirate ship in related articles below.


Shippo is our choice for multi-carrier shipping software. USPS, UPS, and DHL Express are completely free to use. You can still access a discounted negotiated rate with FedEx and other international and regional carriers through a monthly plan that’s suited for your business needs. For more than 55+ carrier options, Start Shippo 30-Day Free Trial at

Free Shipping Supplies

Where to Get FREE Shipping Supplies For eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop & Etsy

Filing USPS Insurance Claim

How To File a USPS Insurance Claim for Lost and Damaged Mail

Bookkeeping Software For Small Businesses

If you run any small business on your own or through multiple e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, keep your transactions organized with Godaddy bookkeeping. We use them to track all our business expenses and income. They make tax season so much easier.

Get up to 30% off all new products with GoDaddy!

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