How To Increase Sales On Depop

Depop is easily becoming a popular place among younger millennials and gen Zs to declutter while making extra money. Geared toward those with bolder, trendier, and an eye for street fashion than its counterparts, Depop can be a profitable place to sell. But if you’re not finding this to be the case, here are the top tips to increase your sales on Depop.

How To Increase Sales On Depop

Depop has many advantages over its competitors like Poshmark and Mercari. With lower fees and the ability to ship worldwide, it has the potential to bring extra or even full-time income. However, it is not without faults. Let’s get started on what you can do to increase sales!

Good Pictures Is Everything

Taking good photos is important when it comes to selling anything online. But this is even more so when it comes to selling on Depop. Unlike Poshmark, Depop is a lot more strict about using stock images. That means you have to be able to showcase what you’re selling so that potential buyers looking for a particular item would want to click on it.

Choosing how you will photograph your clothing is also super important since you cannot use stock photos. How a piece of clothing lays on a body can be so different than how it does on a hanger. Modeling your clothes is an option but not everyone may be comfortable. You can be a successful seller on Depop without modeling.

However, it is crucial that your pictures are clear and well-lit. Make sure they look clean and well-kept. Invest in a steamer to steam out clothing that tends to wrinkle. Showcase any imperfections or flaws. If you have pets or the item tends to collect lint, make sure you go over it with a lint roller.

Know The Trends

Even with taking amazing pictures, your sales may still be slow. Why is that? Remember your clientele and take a look at what you’re selling. Is the brand or styles popular with what’s trending at the moment? Even if certain brands cost a lot of money retail and are super popular with middle-aged buyers, you may not find that there is interest within the Depop clientele.

Knowing what is on-trend is super important in knowing the potential demand of your item(s). If there are no demands, it is extremely rare to find someone that would want that particular piece, who happens to be that particular size.

Price Your Items Reasonably

Price is a sensitive issue for many buyers and sellers. Buyers want a great deal, that is why they’re on the secondhand market like Depop. Sellers have to spend time listing, shipping and communicating so they want to make their time worthwhile. Both have great points.

That is why it is really important to know market demand when it comes to listing and pricing your item. You will want to price your items reasonably while being able to make some money yourself. Because your time is definitely worth money.

The best way to know how to price your items and price them reasonably is by checking what similar items have been sold for. Unfortunately, this data is pretty unreliable on Depop. This is because any seller can mark a listing as “SOLD”, even if it has not. So you don’t know if a buyer has actually paid what the listed amount is.

Both eBay and Poshmark give a much better idea of what the item actually sold for because the listing cannot be marked sold without it actually being sold. So if you’re serious about selling and you don’t have a lot of experience selling in general, you will want to check those marketplaces to optimize your pricing and manage your expectations.

Bump Your Listing

While sharing your closet or listings regularly is not required to make sales or increase sales on Depop or like it is on Poshmark, bumping your listing occasionally is still a good idea. Bumping means going to your listing, clicking “Edit”, and then saving without actually editing anything. What does this do?

It brings your listing to the top of the search. A lot of sellers on Depop may start a store and not touch the apps for months. Bumping will give you an advantage over those sellers.

Communicate Professionally

If you’re ever on Instagram, check the page “depopdrama”. It has screenshots of communication between buyers and sellers that will make you laugh your socks off and shake your head at the same time. But they’re a great example of how NOT to communicate with your potential buyers.

Always communicate professionally and promptly. Depop is also VERY strict when it comes to language and they will kick you off the app if you use profanity. DO NOT EVER use swear words at ANYONE on the app. You can also get kicked out for selling outside the app so make sure you don’t take your sales outside.

Once you get a sale and you’re shipping on your own, make sure you upload tracking right away to BOTH Depop AND PayPal. While there are problematic buyers from time to time, staying professional and doing everything right will give you a much better chance of both Depop and PayPal taking your side if there are any issues.

Last Thoughts

Whether you’re selling on Depop to declutter your closet, make some extra cash, or turn it into a business, taking these tips will help increase your sales on the app. If you find that the types of items that you’re planning to sell are not suited for Depop, Poshmark is a great option to try.

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