Your Ultimate Guide to the Lululemon Size Dot

One thing to know about Lululemon is that there is a huge following of the brand worldwide. Because of the brand’s popularity, Lululemon does very well in the resale market. It can even sell for more than the retail price of the item if you happen to have a coveted style and color combination. If you are looking to buy and sell Lululemon pieces, you may want to learn how to read your Lululemon size dot.

Lululemon size dots are cleverly placed inside the clothing to identify its size once the hangtag tears off. But where do you find the size dot in Lululemon clothing? In this post, we will go over how to tell Lululemon’s sizing once the hangtag falls off and where to find Lululemon size dot based on the category and style. We will also go over how to read and decode Lululemon style code on the size dots.

With this information, you can find the exact model, month and year of manufacture, and color of your Lululemon. This post will focus on Lululemon Women’s but will include some Men’s. However, the same general rule will apply for both.

This will be extremely helpful if you happen to own a pair of Lululemon and forgot the style or color. You can also reference this article if you find Lululemon on the secondhand market and want to find more information on it.

What You Need To Find Your Lululemon Information

Before we get started, you need to know about a very useful resource for Lululemon. A fellow Lululemon fan started a website called in which she cataloged as many styles and colors that Lululemon releases. It is an extremely helpful website for other Lululemon lovers and we will use it as an essential tool for this article. 

Secondly, you will also need to know where you will most likely find the size dot or size letter. Note that this depends on the article of clothing that you are looking for. We will go over it in the next step.

And the last thing you will need is how to search for Lululemon listings on eBay or Poshmark. There are avid Lululemon collectors out there that seem to own every color released of a particular pair of leggings, shorts, etcetera. Their drool-worthy collections are out there on these e-commerce platforms to help identify your Lululemon item.

Lululemon is often on Poshmark’s top brands to sell lists and there are a ton of current and completed listings on there. If you are planning to sell on Poshmark, check our post to help your sales here and here. That is why we will use Poshmark for our examples but you can also use eBay or any other e-commerce platform.

Where to Find Lululemon Size Dots

If you are familiar with Lululemon clothing, you will know that their size tags are sewn lightly by a few threads to the actual piece of clothing. Once you have worn an item several times and do a few loads of laundry, the size tag will most likely fall off. The good news is that Lululemon has hidden the size elsewhere in the piece of clothing, either by a dot or sewn into the fabric. This is where you will find them. 


You will find the size dots inside the left where the bra inserts are. This includes tank tops with built-in bra such as the Ebb to Street tank top, Power Y tank, and Align tanks.

Technical Shirts

These are shirts such as the Swiftly tech racer backs, short sleeve, and long sleeve shirts. Men’s include their Metal Vent Tech shirts variations. They will have the size on the inside hem. All you need to do is flip over.

Cotton Shirts

This is one of the few categories along with sweaters that do not contain size dots or size letters. Unfortunately, once the size tag falls off their Pima cotton shirts such as the Love Tee variations, Love Crew variations, and other tank tops, there is not any other size indication in the clothing. You will have to go by measurements and compare with current or completed listings online.


It is the same case for sweaters as cotton pieces. There is no additional backup size dot or writing once the size tag tears off. You will need to measure the chest and length and compare them with current and completed listings.


You will normally find the size dots inside the left-hand pocket for Women’s jackets like their Define jackets. The size dot can also be on the right-hand pocket as they are in some of their down jackets if the mesh compartment is there instead. So definitely look for the extra mesh compartment.

Shorts and Skirts

Depending on the style, you will find the size dot inside the front waistband on the left (align shorts), inside the back zipper (Hotty hot shorts), inside a hidden pocket on the waistband (Fast and Free shorts), or inside a hidden pocket by the back waistband (Speed Up shorts).


Leggings are a category of Lululemon we will focus on since Lululemon is known for its leggings. We will go over where you will find the size dots on some of Lululemon’s most popular leggings, joggers, and pants. Lululemon comes up with new styles often but discontinues certain styles that are not popular. They will however release styles very similar to them.

Where to Find Size Dot on Lululemon Leggings
AlignInside the front left hidden pocket on the waistband.
All The Right PlacesInside center back hidden pocket on waistband.
Fast and FreeInside center back hidden pocket on waistband.
InvigorateInside center back waist zipper.
Mapped OutInside center back hidden pocket on waistband.
Pace PerfectInside center back waist zipper.
Pace Rival Inside center back hidden pocket  on waistband. Older variations will have a center-back zipper instead.
Speed Up TightInside center back waist zipper.
Wunder TrainInside the front hidden pocket on the left waistband.
Wunder UnderInside the front hidden pocket on the left waistband.

Where to Find Size Dot on Lululemon Joggers and Pants

Most of the time, we find size dots at the left front pocket. It seems that Lululemon reinvents styles when it comes to pants the most with very little difference such as adding pockets to the back or having elasticized waist instead of bands with belt loops.

We will do a list of names based on the placement of the size dot and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Keep in mind that some styles will have different versions such as a crop, a jogger, and or a pant version. The same general rule will apply to all versions.

StylesSize Dot Location
Align JoggersHidden pocket at center back waistband
– Beyond the Studio Jogger
– On the Fly Jogger
– On the Move Pant
– Keep Moving Pant
– City Sleek Pant
– Dance Studio (Crop, Jogger, Pant)
– Ready to Rulu Jogger
– Scuba Jogger
– Embrace the Space Jogger
– Free to Roam Jogger
Left front pocket 
Groove Pant (Crop)Hidden pocket on the front left waistband

Men’s Bottoms

For men’s, you will have to pretty much check all the pockets. We have found size dots in the back right pocket, the front left hidden pocket or the front left pocket. If the pair have been well worn, the size dot may fade off.

Lululemon Size Dot History

Now to go over the Lululemon size dot and what the letters and numbers will tell you. Even though Lululemon has been around since 1998, Lululemon has been changing how they code their size dots over the years. There was even a year where they did not include a size dot at all. However, you will be able to tell the age of your Lululemon by its size dot.

You see that the most recent change was in February 2019 so if you see size dots with a lot more zeros, you will know that is a more recent piece.

How To Read Lululemon Size Dot And Style Codes

Before to Dec 2016

As we mentioned, items before 2017 will only have the number of the size without any other writing. We have seen some with six characters that were made in 2016 but those are not searchable characters on lulufanatics. They will only tell you the month and year. We have found this to be the case through our past collections and looking through many current and completed Lululemon listings. 

January 2017 to January 2019 

If you look at the size dot for this period, you will see letters and numbers. Items during this period will have letters and numbers that look like this “W5BEJSZ40418L”, as an example. You will start at where there is either an “M” for Men’s or “W” for Women’s. The first 6 characters will tell you the exact style so if a particular style normally comes in different lengths, it will narrow down to the exact length.

So for this particular pair, our first six characters are W5BEJS. We will copy this and then go to Go ahead and paste it at the search bar on the top right corner. If you copy and paste more than the first 6 characters, the site will not come up with a result. Once you have copied or typed in the characters, it will pull up all the possible colors for the style. 

You can then match up the color you have to the search result. However, a lot of times, Lululemon makes very similar colors that it may be hard to tell with different lighting. If you are not familiar with Lululemon’s colors, this particular pair of leggings may look like a couple of possibilities from the search result.

It looks similar to Antique Bark, Spanish Rose, or Red Dust. So to pin down the exact color, you will have to search on current or completed listings on the second-hand market like eBay or Poshmark. There are also Lululemon collectors out there that share their collections with all the colors and post their coordinating size dots. 

Since we have narrowed it down to 3 color possibilities, we will type each color and search for listings of those colors on Poshmark. If you do not see any current listings, check “All Items” to include completed sales. You will see from several listings from Poshmark that the size for these leggings matches the Spanish Rose.

I can confirm this is correct because I still have an email of my receipt that says Align Pant 25 SNHR/2. That means the code matching to a listing of Spanish Rose is correct.

As mentioned before, Lululemon makes several length options for the same styles and colors. Here, you will see that our numbers brought us to Align II 25”. Lululemon makes their Align leggings in 21”, 23”, 25”, 28” and 31” inseams. They have recently also been making several lengths of the align shorts in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” inseams. Searching the first 6 characters will give you the style (Align) and the length of the leggings (25”) and all the color possibilities. 

February 2019 to Current

For items that are manufactured in February 2019 and after, the size dot code will look a lot longer with many repairing zeros. As an example, we will look at another pair of leggings with the codes “W5DEPS.0420.0000T3.00000L”. We will follow the same steps for size dots, starting with W for womens and taking the first six characters “W5DEPS” in order to narrow down the style and color possibilities.

Since there are only seven search results and the color options make this pair obvious being the only teal-ish color, we see that it is the color “Submarine”.

We can confirm this again because I still happen to have the product tag. You will also find the first seven characters match the size dot, though we only use the first six for search.

So what do the rest of the characters on Lululemon size dot mean?

You will find the manufacturing month and year given so for our example earlier,  W5BEJSZ40418L, was manufactured in Quarter 4 of 2018. You can then go to and search to confirm the month and year that the item was released. For this style and color, it was released in January 2019. The styles are normally released from a month to 8 months after the manufacture date. 

Lululemon can also bring back the same style and color. In which case, will keep track of this so you are able to see when it was re-released again. You will scroll down to the price history to see more.

For “W5DEPS.0420.0000T3.00000L”, it was manufactured in Quarter 4 of 2020 and released in December 2020. There are exceptions to the rules when it comes to classic colors, especially in certain styles. You may find a pair of Lululemon with a release date way before the manufacturing date or too close to it. These are marked in the asterisk shown below.

Style Full codeDate ManufacturedDate Released
Define JacketW4H98SR80218LQ2 2018***Feb 2018
In movement pantsW5BGZSX80318LQ3 2018Sep 2018
All the right placesW6AMYSP60318LQ3 2018Jul 2018
Align IIW5BEJSZ40418LQ4 2018Jan 2019
All the right placesW6AMYSP60418LQ4 2018Nov 2018
Define jacketW4AWKSX70418LQ4 2018Nov 2018
Align IIW5BY3SZ40119LQ1 2019Mar 2019
Align IIW5BEJSH60119LQ1 2019***Dec 2017
Align IIW5BEJSH60119LQ1 2019Jan 2019
Free to be sereneW2AJ5ST30119LQ1 2019***Apr 2017
Free to be serene LLW2BMEST30119LQ1 2019Apr 2019
Free to be serene W2AJ5S.0219.0000E8.00000LQ2 2019Jul 2019
Align cropW6AVIS.0219.0000Z4.00000LQ2 2019Feb 2019
Winter warrior BomberW4BDSS.0419.0000X7.00000LQ4 2019Oct 2019
Align shorts 6″W7BECS.0120.0000H6.00000LQ1 2020Apr 2020
Free to be sereneW2AJ8S.0120.0000E8.00000LQ1 2020Aug 2020
Free to be sereneW2AQYS.0320.087-02.00000LQ3 2020Nov 2020
Align IIW5DEPS.0320.0000Z4.00000LQ3 2020Sep 2020
Align IIW5DEPS.0420.0000T3.00000LQ4 2020Dec 2020

Black will always be a classic color for most categories and depending on the style, titanium grey, dark olive, and true navy will be either in stock or brought back as they have done in the past.

What if does not come up with a search result?

Keep in mind though with, even though it is an extremely useful resource, they do not get every single thing correct. A letter may be off in the code which may not bring you a search result. In that case, you will have to narrow the item down from Categories on the left-hand side.

This happened to be with a pair of Align shorts shown here with the codes “W7BECS.0120.0000H6.00000L” but if you type in the first 6 characters “W7BECS”, nothing will come up.

That is because the website currently has it under “W7BEBS”, being off by one letter. Hopefully, this will be corrected.

To find the style anyways, you will want to search by Categories and narrow it down that way. It may take a lot longer though, especially for certain categories.

If you know the style type, you can search “align shorts” and see all the align shorts releases and you can then narrow it down that way.

Final Tips

In the end, being able to find where Lululemon size dots are placed and how you can read the size dot codes will be helpful to find the style and color. If the size is only a number, you will know that it was manufactured before 2017.

The size dot for post-2017 can also help determine if the pair of Lululemon you plan on buying is authentic. You can do your own investigation by checking the code on the size dot, going on, and checking the manufacture date versus the release date. 

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