17TRACK All-In-One Package Tracking Review

If you are buying or shipping internationally, being able to track your package and ensuring safe delivery is important. There are many tracking apps and services that offer tracking for hundreds of countries around the world. A 17TRACK All-In-One Package Tracking is one that offers this service for free.

If you sell on e-commerce platforms that offer international shipping like eBay, Etsy, depop, shopify, and the likes, you should be interested. Choosing the right shipping carrier and service is critical. However, being able to track your package while they are being handled by different carriers in different countries gives you peace of mind.

So in this post, we will go over what you need to know about 17Track tracking and what they offer. We will go over whether they are legit and what to expect from using their service. Moreover, we will go over what they should not be used for. We are not paid, sponsored, or influenced in any way by 17Track. Our experiences and opinions with them are our own. If anything changes, we will update them accordingly.

What is 17TRACK All-In-One Package Tracking

17TRACK All-In-One Package Tracking or 17track.net is a package tracking service that provides package tracking service to over 220 countries and areas. This service will provide you with tracking from the origin to the destination country. You can use them whether you are the package sender or receiver.

What 17TRACK All-In-One Package Tracking Should NOT Be Used For

We have done our research for 17track, read through the reviews. As we mentioned earlier, we also personally have used them to track our overseas packages. What we have found is that there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the usage of this service. People seem to have a different idea on 17Track is expected to provide.

17Track essentially just a third-party tracker. Yes, they are a legitimate tracking service. They are free to use and are not a scam. 17Track All-In-One Package Tracking simply tracks packages from various carriers all in one convenient place so you do not have to go to each carrier’s website. This is very helpful if you do not understand a foreign language and are trying to navigate on their website. It is also helpful if you are not familiar with different shipping carriers in other countries.

17 Track is only able to provide tracking when the actual shipping carrier scans and updates the package’s information. They have no control over the package’s movement. This includes whether the package was lost or damaged or anything to do with delivery. So 17Track should not be used for the primary investigation or complaint with your order or shipment.

Issues should be resolved with the shipping carrier that you (if you are a seller) or the sender/seller is using. 17Track is not paid to move, ship, or deliver a package to its destination. Therefore, they have no power or responsibility to ensure doing so. They simply track shipments of different carriers all in one platform.

How To Use 17Track All-In-One Package Tracking As A Buyer

If you tend to order overseas, manage your delivery expectation. There are many small businesses that advertise on platforms such as Facebook while their physical location is in Asia. That means your package may take longer with few or without any updates at all. Other postal systems may not be what normally expect from your country’s postal service.

Tracking Your Package

If you happen to order from a business and they provide you tracking via 17Track, 17Track is not the carrier. They are meant to track the package from the origin to you. If you ordered something from China to the US, for example, China’s local carrier will handle the shipping. Therefore, the initial tracking number will be updated by a local shipping carrier.

Once the package leaves China and arrives in the US, the package may be taken over by a US local shipping carrier. 17Track allows tracking for both shipping carriers in one place so that you do not have to go to the Chinese local shipping carrier website and then to the US carrier website. You may choose to start tracking with the US carrier if you like once your item arrives in the country. It could potentially be faster that way because 17Track can only update after the carrier updates it. It does not do live tracking. 

The main thing to note when ordering an item from overseas is whether the seller or retailer is legit. They are the ones responsible for sending your order and providing customer service. If you have any doubt or issue with your package, they should be your first point of contact. The business that you ordered from should be able to give you the carrier’s information at the minimum. Good customer service will help you track down the package by doing the leg work of contacting the carrier directly. If the seller or retailer is not able to provide this for you then they are the issue.

How To Use 17Track All-In-One Package Tracking As A Sender

If you are the sender in the US and are using USPS, you will normally be able to track your package until it leaves the US. Using 17Track, you can continue to track after the package leaves the US and arrives at the destination country. One thing to note is that you may not know who the local carrier of that country is. This is where 17Track acts as a great resource. They follow tracking from country of origin to destination.

17Track works with over 500 delivery providers in over 220 countries to give you tracking. This is very helpful for areas that you may not be familiar with. The platform allows you to track where the package is in another country as long as the shipping carrier is scanning and updating it to their system. If the shipping carrier is not scanning or updating the package’s location, there will not be any updates to track. 

17Track may not be necessary for you to use in every overseas shipment. For example, if you are using Pirate Ship’s simple export rate and are shipping to one of these 17 countries below. You can track the order until delivery the same way that you track packages here in the US.

AustraliaDenmarkHong KongThailand
BelgiumEstoniaIcelandUnited Kingdom
CanadaFranceNew Zealand

We go over Pirate Ship’s simple export rates here and here.

How To Avoid Issues With International Shipping

As an online seller, the best route you have is to avoid any logistical complication with shipping a package overseas. Avoid having to deal with potential unhappy buyers if you have other options. We highly recommended using the global shipping program to ship overseas if you sell on eBay.

It is a much smoother process without having to deal with any customs forms or any other paperwork and tracking. Your responsibility as a seller will be until the delivery of your item at eBay’s global shipping hub in Kentucky. Once your package arrives there, their global shipping provider Pitney Bowes will take over the delivery of your package. 

How 17Track All-In-One Package Tracking Can Help

If you choose to ship on your own and are using services like Pirate ship’s simple export rate, there are a few things you should note. You already know that you are responsible until the package is delivered to your customer. Therefore, the first thing you should note is that Pirate ship’s simple export rate does not come with insurance. We highly recommended adding insurance, especially if your item is higher valued. There is a limit though as the maximum value of the item must be less than $400. 

Second, you can then use 17Track to track the status of your package at its destination country. You can also send the link to your buyer so that they can track it with you. At the very least, 17Track will be able to check and provide who the shipping carrier is in that country. Then, you can go directly to them with any issues.

Our Four-Months Long Package Delivery

Towards the beginning of the global pandemic, we had shipped a package to Spain from the US. We used pirate ship’s export rate. Spain is not one of the 17 countries that you can track until delivery.

We had sent the package on April 21st, arriving at the distribution center for overseas shipment on April 27th. The tracking stopped completely for us at that point and we were not able to see any update for months. The customer contacted us and while we did our best for an investigation, the package was stuck somewhere between the US and Spain.

Only on August 7th, after two and a half months that there was a new update from Spain. 17Track was able to update tracking from there to the customer. We did not know who the local carrier was in Spain but we did not have to track that information down. 17Track was able to provide tracking for us.

Last Thoughts

It is also important to note that packages can take even longer than usual with Covid lockdowns and staff reduction. Whether you are buying from overseas or sending a package, it is important to know events happening which may cause further delay so you can take action accordingly.

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