A Poshmark Case Opened? What To Do For Buyers And Sellers

Poshmark is a great place to buy and sell and while it provides great buyer and seller protection, sometimes you get an item that you thought would be in much better condition. Or maybe your buyer didn’t look at something correctly and you now have a case opened against you. Here’s everything you need to know about Poshmark cases, how to open one as a buyer and what to do when one is opened against you as a seller.

Poshmark Cases For Buyers And Sellers

What Is A Poshmark Case?

A Poshmark case is when a buyer is not satisfied with the purchase due to the item not meeting expectations. It could be that the item received was not authentic, it has damages or stains that were not described in the original listing, the size received was a different size, the item was a different item, or other issues that were not disclosed by the seller.

How Do You Open A Poshmark Case?

If the item is not as described, simply go to your order and look for “Problems/Order Inquiry”

Then, you will be able to select from a list of issues, such as,

  • Accidental Purchase
  • Order Not Delivered
  • Order Not As Described
  • Message Seller
  • Contact Poshmark Support

Most cases are due to an item not being as described. In that case, you can choose from reasons such as,

  • Item is not authentic
  • Item is broken/damaged/stained
  • Received incorrect item
  • Not the size in the listing
  • Item does not work as expected
  • Other problems

Once you select a reason, you will be able to provide a description of the problem. You can also add images to your case. Make sure the photos are clear and well-lit to show any stains, tears, or damages.

Should You Comment On A Poshmark Case? How To Respond To A Poshmark Case

You should absolutely comment on any opened Poshmark case. As a buyer, you need to explain why you’re opening the case and how the item does not meet expectations. As a seller, you need to be able to provide your defense.

For example, if the buyer says the size is wrong, you should be able to show screenshots of the size tag and measurements in your description. Either way, make sure you reply calmly and professionally since the case will be reviewed.

How Long Does It Take Poshmark To Review A Case?

Once a Poshmark case is opened, Poshmark will allow the seller to comment on the case. Cases are reviewed for a few days maximum before it is decided on either the buyer’s favor or the seller’s favor. It is rare for a case to be opened for longer than three business days in our experience.

How To Win A Case On Poshmark As A Buyer?

If you’re buying, make sure that you look at every description and photo shown. Poshmark will not side with you as a buyer if your complaint is due to fit or sizing. However, if the item you received is not as described, such as the item is different than the photo, the size is incorrect, or there are damages of any kind that you did not expect.

It is easy to win a case if the item sent to you is an obvious scam such as being sent cardboard instead of a dress. Yes, it actually happened to us!

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How To Win A Case On Poshmark As A Seller?

As a seller, make sure you disclose any flaw in your item. Whether they’re discolorations, stains, pulls, pilling, or any other damages. That is why it is important to invest in affordable tools such as a fabric shaver or stain remover.

If you included all the information, you can take screenshots of this and comment on the case as a supporting document. Sales on Poshmark are final. So the buyer cannot open a case due to fit or sizing issues that are not in your control. Here is an example of a case that was denied due to sizing issues.

The buyer said, “The sizing/fitting is very weird. The dress is big on the breast but the size zipper does not close correctly. I don’t know – it feels poorly done”.

Since this was a brand new item with tags, sizing and fit are not something that any seller can change. The seller also did not manufacture the item so things like quality are out of the seller’s control. Both those things are based on the customer’s body type and preference. A seller can only describe the measurement and a buyer can ask about specific concerns.

So this case was denied to the buyer. That is the beauty of selling on the platform in comparison to its competitors.

What Happens If You Lose A Case On Poshmark?

As a buyer, if you lose a case on Poshmark, your return request will be denied and the funds will be released to the seller. You can “re-posh” the item on Poshmark using the seller’s original photos.

If you lose a case on Poshmark as a seller, Poshmark will approve the return request and send the buyer a return label. You will be able to track the return and make sure that the item comes back to you. You can then relist the item with corrected descriptions.

Poshmark Case Review: Are They Fair?

As a seller, we have had six cases opened against us. As a buyer, we opened four cases. Even though we ended up having to accept three out of the six returns, we do find that Poshmark has been fair in handling each case. We decided to accept the three returns for different reasons.

If you’re an experienced seller or you know that your item is desirable, it is easier to accept a return and resell the item than to deal with an angry customer. Especially when you’re not sure how that stain got there or you forgot to include a close-up of a damaged area.

As a buyer, Poshmark has offered a credit of $10 to $15 to accept the item anyways. We have done that in the past. If you purchased an item for a great price and the damage or stain is minor, the credit is worth considering. However, you’re not obliged to accept anything that does not meet expectations.

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