Ship Your Trading Card with eBay Standard Envelope

If you are looking to sell trading cards online, there is good news for you! eBay has rolled out a new shipping service called eBay standard envelope. This service allows affordable, tracked, and insured mail for trading cards totaling less than $20 in value. You will be able to ship your trading card for less than $1, whether that is sports cards or gaming cards. We will go over what you need to know using eBay standard envelope

How Much does eBay Standard Envelope Cost?

Ebay’s standard envelope has three pricing tiers per ounce with the maximum being 3 ounces.

  • 1 oz – $0.51 
  • 2 oz – $0.71
  • 3 oz – $0.91

These prices are only available through eBay. They have negotiated these rates with USPS so it will not be available through other shipping carriers or with other shipping software.

What Are The Requirements for Using eBay Standard Envelope?

In order to use this service, the envelope you are using must meet a few requirements. Dimensions of the package must be:

  • Larger than 3½”  x 5”
  • Smaller than 6⅛” x 11½”  
  • Less than ¼” in thickness 

It is important to keep in mind that if you are shipping multiple cards in one envelope, the total value must be less than $20. If you are using a top-loader or any protective coverings, you will be able to ship up to 2 cards per envelope. The total weight must be less than 3 ounces per envelope, including the contents and envelope. That means whether you are sending up to 15 raw cards or cards with top loaders, the added weight must be less than 3 ounces. Graded cards are not allowed since they will be thicker than the allowable dimensions and they tend to be costly. 

It is also important to remember that this service is meant for plain envelopes so it cannot have any added features. Added features include features to close such as strings, buttons, clasps, or similar devices. The envelope cannot be covered or made of any plastic material. Make sure to write the addresses across the longest side of the envelope, meaning landscape-wise, not portrait.

What If My Package Gets Lost or Damaged?

If your package is lost, delayed or damaged, you can file a claim with eBays’s Shipping Protection Plan Claim here

If you are looking to ship a card with a higher value or you are selling a trading card on another platform, you will not be able to use this service. However, we have gone over what you will need and a step-by-step guide here.

The Good – What People Are Saying

This is a great service that will allow for more trading cards to be bought and sold. Sellers having the option to ship affordably means they will be able to pass on the savings to buyers. It will mean more sellers can offer free shipping often.

Ebay’s standard envelope is also much cheaper than USPS first class, which normally does not come with any built-in insurance. You will also be able to drop off at any USPS location as you would with any other USPS packages. 

Being able to track the package is also a great benefit for many individual sellers who sell occasionally. Not selling often can affect ratings, which are very important. One bad rating due to a shipping issue can cause the loss of future customers.

It is also a great way to sell off lower-valued cards affordably. It may have not made sense to sell them before with high shipping costs.

The Risks – What People Are Saying

As with shipping any goods, there are always some downsides and risks involved in this service. One is that because this is a unique service offered for trading cards, it is easily recognizable to many people. We have heard from sellers that people with sticky fingers take the envelopes, knowing the surging popularity of certain trading cards.

Additionally, you will not be able to wrap a card with layers of cardboards and other protective coverings because of the thickness restriction. If your trading card is rare, even if it is valued at less than $20, you may consider using an alternate service. If your trading card needs to retain a certain condition, it may require additional protection in addition to a top or side loader. This service is meant for lower-valued cards that buyers do not require the card to be in pristine condition.

Final Thoughts on eBay Standard Envelope

This can change the game for many collectors of cards who are trying to offload their collections. This is also great news for those that are looking to start or build their trading cards collection. More sellers could mean better pricing and more option.

We would not use this service for more premium cards, even if they are less than $20. The condition of the card could make or break the card value for certain trading cards. In that case, we would not risk the card getting bent or damaged in anyway. Sometimes a happy customer and a good feedback is more important than a few dollars in savings.

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