Practical & Useful Gift For Entrepreneurs (2023)

Entrepreneurship has been rising more than ever that you may know a few people in your life becoming one. Being a business owner, whether it is done part-time or full-time can require a lot of initial investments. So here are some practical and useful gift ideas for entrepreneurs in your life that will surely add value to their business.

Practical & Useful Gifts For Entrepreneurs Under $50

Label Maker

Being organized is something that is important when it comes to selling physical products. Having the right tool to make clean, neat labels for inventory and tools is a luxury that many new entrepreneurs may not have invested in. So this is the perfect gift for entrepreneurs with product-based businesses.

Gifts For Entrepreneurs Under $100

Thermal Printer

If the entrepreneur in your life has a product-based business that they’re running from home, gifting them something that will streamline their workflow is not only practical but super useful. A thermal printer will allow them to print a shipping label without the hassle of cutting and taping.

There are many great thermal printers on the market from budget ones under $100 to more premium choices. Here are our best recommendations based on your budget and needs. You will find many choices under $100 below.

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Ring Light

Visuals are extremely important. Whether you’re selling products or have a YouTube, Tiktok, or Instagram-based business, lighting is everything! While natural light is the best, it is not the most practical. Ring lights are great for both product photography or recording videos.

So giving the gift of good lighting, any time of day, in any weather situation, will be a gift that keeps on giving! While ring lights come in many sizes, this one will allow you to spoil your loved one.

Practical & Useful Gifts For Entrepreneurs Under $250

Laser Printer

If the entrepreneurs in your life are also needing the means to print invoices and other paperwork, a laser printer is a perfect choice. It is great for high-volume printing that will be able to print thousands of pages needing to replace the toner. Brother is a great company that makes robust printers that you can’t go wrong with this choice below.


Anyone that sells any type of clothing online would simply be SPOILED to have the best industrial steamer made, here in the USA. We have been using cheaper, portable steamers for years. We have only drooled at the steamers used in retail stores like Robert Graham. Many people that own this steam have owned this for DECADES for a good reason.

Since we invested in the Jiffy J-4000 for our business, every other steamer out there feels like junk. The Jiffy J-2000 is a slightly more affordable option under $200 but it has a small water tank capacity.

The Best Gift For Digital Entrepreneurs

If budget is not an issue for you and you would like to knock it out of the park with your gift, look no further than this camera. The Canon G7X is wildly popular among YouTubers and for good reasons. It is super durable and portable with great sound quality. It also comes in a kit version with everything a video creator would need, including a tripod, memory card, and a detachable remote.

Last Tips

The best way to bless and spoil the entrepreneur in your life is to take interest in their business. Ask them what their day-to-day is like so you know exactly what tools and services that they may need or could use.

Every small business is run differently but there are certain tools that every business owner could use to improve their workflow. They certainly have for us!

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