Depop Frequently Asked Questions To Know

If you are new to selling on Depop, you may run into small little issues that you may not have thought of. Even as a seasoned seller, you may encounter new issues that may leave you scratching your head. So here are some Depop frequently asked questions that you need to know. Make sure to bookmark this page as much as you need to!

Depop Frequently Asked Questions To Know

We recently went over a guide for selling on Depop as a beginner. To add to it, here are some Depop frequently asked questions you need to know. Skip around to where you need to go.

What does bumping mean on Depop?

Bumping means bringing your listing to the top of the feed by selecting “Edit” on your posting and clicking “Save” without actually changing anything. Bumping can help with sales as it will bring your post up. Most people don’t want to bother scrolling all the way down if they’re searching for something specific.

What does “bundling” or “free shipping on bundles from this shop” mean?

Bundling means buying more than one item from the same shop. Many sellers offer free shipping if you buy multiple items. Bundling saves both you and the seller money on shipping costs. You just need to add the items to the cart and it will be a bundle since it is coming from the same shop.

How do I send a private message to a seller on Depop?

You can do this one of two ways. The first is to go to Depop’s app and click on the small envelope icon on the top right of a seller’s page. You will find this next to the “Follow” button.

Another way to message a seller on Depop is to click on the specific listing that you’re interested in. Then, click on the envelope icon in the middle of the page below the photos.

How do I delete a post on Depop?

Go to your Depop app and click on the post that you’d like to delete. Click on the three dots on the top right hand corner. Scroll down to the pop-up and select “Delete item” to delete the post.

What is trading on Depop?

Trading means what it sounds like. Both you and another seller agree to trade one or more items each from your respective stores. If they like something from your store and you like something from their store, you can choose to trade those items.

How do you trade on Depop?

Once you and another seller agree on the items that each of you will be trading, both will change the price to $1. You can do shipping in one of two ways. The first is to offer free shipping and both upload tracking information later. The other way is to actually select the shipping cost of your items. Either way, this will allow both of you to track your items.

Does Depop authenticate designer items?

Yes, Depop does offer authentication services. Check here for all about authenticating high-priced items.

I received a private message saying to text them on Depop. What do I do?

You will get many spam messages, most likely as soon as you make a new posting. Ignore or report these users. They are either bots or spammers up to no good.

Why is my PayPal still on hold for my Depop sales after my items were already delivered?

If you’re new to Depop or PayPal, it may take several sales for PayPal to “trust” you. Usually, PayPal releases the funds a few days after delivery. If your money is still being held, your buyer will need to go to their PayPal, go to the transaction, and confirm that they received it.

PayPal implemented this to protect buyers, which is a good thing against scammers. But can be a hassle for new, legit sellers. If you have other PayPal issues with Depop, check this post here for other possibilities.

How can I increase sales on Depop?

Increasing sales is among the most Depop frequently asked questions. After all, we’re on this platform to sell. When it comes to selling on Depop or anywhere online, here are things you must consider:

  1. Picture quality – You must have clean, clear photos.
  2. Your price – Make sure your price is fair. It can be a little higher for price negotiation but make sure you’re being realistic.
  3. Season – Know what is in demand for the season. You may not do too well selling swimwear at the beginning of autumn or fall.
  4. Description – Include brand, style, color, condition, and anything that will help people find your post. Descriptions are how others find your post!
  5. Bumping – Make sure to bump your posts occasionally or at peak times that people would be on their phone. This includes lunch breaks or evenings where people have time to sit down.
  6. Engagement – Liking and following similar stores can help. Not the most important tip but it is helpful, especially as a beginner.

How long do refunds take on Depop?

If you paid via PayPal, it should be immediate. If you paid through Depop’s payment using a credit card, it will take 3-5 business days.

How do I contact Depop’s customer support?

You can email Admittedly, Depop is not the best when it comes to customer support. If they don’t respond, try them on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping On Depop

Shipping is a subject that is one of Depop’s most frequently asked questions. Depop is a marketplace to sell goods and you will need to ship those goods. Or you may need to know what to expect when you buy an item.

How do I track shipping on Depop?

Once you purchase something from Depop, you will see a little receipt icon on the top of the app when you open it. You can click on it and go to the specific post you bought from multiple sellers. Tracking information will be there as long as the seller puts it there. If you do not see any tracking information, ask the seller to upload it.

There is a huge improvement that Depop needs to make when it comes to tracking for sellers. Your sales do not show up on the receipt icon on the Depop app. It only shows on a computer. The receipt icon will be on your profile page in the top right corner. Click on each sale to see the status.

The seller said they dropped off my package but the tracking says awaiting item on Depop. Are they lying?

If the item that you bought is small in size or weight, the seller may send it with USPS First Class mail. Whether the seller is using Depop or shipping on their own, if a package weighs less than 1 pound, it will most likely be sent via USPS First Class mail because that is the cheapest shipping rate.

So if you bought a t-shirt, a light dress, a hat, bathing suit, jewelry, or anything of the sort, they will most likely weigh less than a pound. That means USPS may take several days to even scan it. USPS prioritizes Priority and Priority Express mail over First Class mail. Give it a few business days for your package to start tracking.

Can you ship on your own instead of using shipping with Depop?

Absolutely! When you select shipping on a post, select “My own Shipping” instead of “Ship with depop”. In fact, it is cheaper to ship on your own than shipping with Depop.

How do you ship on your own on Depop?

We have a whole step-by-step tutorial of how to ship on your own on Depop here. Make sure to select this option on your listing. You can take your package to your local post office too. However, we would not recommend that because postage is always more expensive at your local post office.

How do you ship worldwide on Depop?

It is easier to ship worldwide than you may think. We also have a step-by-step tutorial of how to ship internationally on Depop here.

I put the wrong weight estimate on shipping with Depop. My item weighs more than what the shipping label says. What do I do about the weight difference?

Entering the wrong weight estimate happens more often than you may think. In fact, what to do about your package being overweight is one of Depop frequently asked questions. There are a few options you can do.

One, you can message Depop to have the shipping label refunded after buying new postage on your own. You can send them a screenshot of the new postage. The other is to keep the shipping label and pay for the difference at your local post office counter.

However, if you choose to send the package regardless of it being underweight, a few different scenarios can happen. The first is that the post office may not even notice it. They should but sometimes they don’t and overlook.

But, if your post office catches it, they may charge your buyer for the difference in order for them to receive the item. You would not want this because this will mean an unhappy customer.

Lastly, Depop may send you a message with a warning to double-check. You do not want to continuously make this error. To avoid possible issues in the future, invest in a shipping scale. It costs less than $20 but will save you headaches in the future.

I no longer need Depop’s shipping label. Can I get my Depop shipping label refunded?

Yes, you can send them a message with the label that you will no longer be using. If you bought a new shipping label on your own, you can send them that for a refund of Depop’s shipping charges.

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