Help! My Package Weighs More Than The Label

Shipping mistakes happen. Sometimes you list items with the intention to change the weight at a later time. Or you had to guess because you didn’t have a shipping scale then. But now the item sold and the shipping label sent to you is underweight. So what are your options if your package weighs more than the label?

What To Do If Your Package Weighs More Than The Label

Pay The Difference At The Post Office

The easiest way to fix the postage difference without contacting the buyer is to pay the difference in postage at the post office yourself. You will have to stand in line and have the post office tell you what you will owe. The good thing is that the buyer will not have to be bothered.

This is the preferred option for many sellers since it is the seller’s responsibility to accurately provide shipping costs. It does mean that you will have to cover the cost yourself, whether shipping is originally free or paid by the buyer.

While some people may think of adding stamps to cover the postage difference, keep in mind that you will be paying a retail rate with this option. So if you have a shipping label through a commercial rate such as ones used by Mercari and Etsy, you will be paying a retail rate, which is higher.

Buy A New Label

While it can be inconvenient to have to buy a new label, buying a new label can be the best option. Especially if the buyer is supposed to pay for shipping and the shipping cost difference will significantly reduce your earnings. Buying a new label means a new tracking number will have to be uploaded.

In some cases like shipping with a platform like Mercari and Depop, you may have to cancel the order and have the buyer repurchase the item. Make sure that you communicate with your buyer and clearly explain the mistake. Many sellers may be afraid to lose the sale doing this. However, mistakes do happen so communication is key when it comes to providing customer service.

Send The Package As Is

The last option and one that is not recommended is to send the package as is. There are a couple of outcomes that can happen from doing this. The first and best-case scenario is that you will get a bill later on from the post office. The worst-case scenario is that the package will be sent to the closest hub by the buyer but the buyer must pay the postage difference in order to receive the package.

The package may also be sent back to you until you pay the postage difference, causing a delay for your buyer. But in some lucky cases, the post office doesn’t catch the weight difference at all. So it is a risk how the post office will handle your package. That is why this option is not recommended.

Other Common Questions

Here are some common questions when using online platforms to sell.

What If My Package Weighs More Than The Shipping Label On Mercari?

While it may be convenient to use Mercari shipping, they do require you to enter the package weight and dimension correctly at the time of listing. If the actual package weighs more than the label, the best thing to do is to explain to the buyer and have them repurchase the order after you cancel it.

The reason is that if you ship your package as is, you will lose Mercari’s Shipping Protection in addition to having to pay the postage difference. The shipping fee will be deducted from your Mercari balance. You can offer your buyer a discount on the shipping difference or additional discounts for the inconvenience. But make sure you get a new shipping label.

What If My Package Weighs More Than The Shipping Label On Depop?

Like Mercari, Depop requires you to enter a weight estimate when you use shipping with Depop. If you find that your package is overweight, you can buy a new shipping label on your own.

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Then, message Depop to have the shipping label refunded with a screenshot of your new label. Make sure that the order is updated with the new tracking number and message your buyer so they’re aware. You can also take the package with the underweight label to the post office and pay the price difference. This will keep the tracking number the same.

If you choose to send the package without paying the price difference, be prepared for a warning from Depop in addition to getting a bill from the post office. If the post office bills your customer, your buyer will not be happy. You may have to offer a partial refund to cover the added shipping cost.

What If My Package Weighs More Than The Shipping Label On Facebook?

Like shipping any other underweight package, you are responsible for the postage difference. Like Mercari, you can cancel the order and have the buyer repurchase the item. Or you can take the package to the post office and pay the additional shipping fee.

Last Tips

In order to avoid any package weight discrepancies in the future, make sure you invest in a shipping scale and a measuring tape. A shipping scale costs around $20 but it can save you many headaches in the long run.

If you have the choice between shipping with the eCommerce platform or shipping on your own, it helps to choose to ship on your own. That way, you can charge a flat shipping rate or add the estimated shipping to the cost of your item. You can then buy the correct postage on your own and it will be cheaper when you use a shipping software like Pirateship or

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