How To Ship A Golf Bag Cheap (With Pictures)

There are many odd and large shapes that are a bit of a challenge to ship. While we have gone over different shipping tips, we will go over how to ship a golf bag. This includes how to make your own box with easy, accessible material and how much it will cost to ship.

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What You Need to Ship a Golf Bag

The easiest way is to buy a sports utility box from a moving company or a golf store. You can also find long boxes that will fit the dimensions from amazon like the one here. However, these specialized boxes can be expensive and you may need to order them. We also don’t ship golf bags often enough to carry specialized boxes.

This method is a creative and affordable solution to solve how to ship a golf bag when you don’t have a golf bag box. With this method, you will go to your local Walmart and spend $2.10 plus tax for what you will need. It is convenient, easy, and cheap. Our golf bag has dimensions of 34 inches in height and a diameter of 15″. We found these three “small” moving boxes fit the closest.

You will need three of them for the height of our golf bag. These were $0.70 with dimensions of 14″ x 14″ x 12″. If you can’t find them at your local Walmart, check amazon for a box with the same and length dimensions as the one here, even if the height is different.

How To Make A Box To Ship A Golf Bag

Let’s get started with the packing!

Step 1. Tape your first box

You can tape it several times. Don’t worry if you don’t because we will go over the whole box assembly several times with tape once get all the boxes together.

Step 2. Insert a second box into the first box

You may have to help all four corners slide in. You will want to push the second box in until it cannot go anymore. For us, the second box stopped around where the bottom flap of the box is inside the first box.

Step 3. Tape around the first and second box

Start tape around the box to keep in place. Again, don’t worry about taping it too much in this step. We will go over the whole box later.

Step 4. Insert the third box

Insert the third box into your assembly. You will want a bit of space between where the top of the box is and where your golf bag’s top is at. YOu want this extra space when you close the box. It is recommended to leave a few inches so that there is room to insert padding on top to protect the bag’s lining from rubbing against the card box.

Step 5. Tape the third box to the assembly

Similar to what we did in Step 3 above, tape the third and last box to the second box.

Step 6. Fill in the remaining gaps with fillers

You can use any filler you have on hand. We happened to have kraft paper but you can use air pillows or bubble wraps. We did use bubble wrap to fill in space at the top to protect the bag. You can still use kraft paper or air pillows.

The goal of shipping is to prevent any movement inside the box during transport. Don’t skimp out on fillers. A golf bag is less fragile than shipping electronics for example. However, it can still be crushed while handling it if you send it without proper protection.

Step 7. Reinforce the box with tape

You can finally tape the whole box around several times. This will keep the boxes together. You are now ready to ship!

How Much Does It Cost Ship A Golf Bag?

The ending dimensions of our DIY golf bag ended up being 14 x 14 x 35 inches. The weight was rounded up to 14 pounds. If you shipped this directly with UPS or FedEx, it will not be cheap. You will want to buy a discounted shipping rate. If you have sold this on eBay, use eBay’s discounted shipping with FedEx home delivery. You can also use shipping software that offers FedEx discounts for FedEx Ground or FedEx home delivery.

Our package ended up costing $20.21 to ship from Texas to West Virginia. If you are able to find a box with smaller dimensions that can fit the golf bag, you may get a better shipping rate. Your shipping costs will also be dependent on the distance that your package will be traveling. For more tips on shipping large items and other awkward-shaped items, check here and here.

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