New Poshmark Changes To Know (Plus Changes They Should Make)

Poshmark has been making some changes to its platform. While they are generally good changes, there are some features that they still have yet to improve on. So let’s take a look at some new Poshmark changes and other changes we wish they would make.

New Poshmark Changes

Offer Suggestion

One of the most welcome Poshmark changes is the offer suggestion. This is when you make an offer, there are 5%, 10%, or 15% discount suggestions to the listed price. In the past, a potential buyer just entered whatever number they wanted without seeing this, which encouraged lowballing.

If you’re a regular seller, you will know too well how often you will get an offer of $30 for a $100 item. It almost seems like an unspoken rule that most people automatically start their offer at 50% of the listed price. Poshmark is finally catching on and copying Mercari’s offer suggestion.

Hopefully, this will allow sellers to price their items more fairly instead of hyperinflating to account for lowballers. And for buyers to be more reasonable with their offers, instead of sending almost insulting offers.

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Longer Title Characters

Prior to recent Poshmark changes, you only had a certain amount of characters when you’re titling a post. Like eBay, Poshmark now allows up to 80 characters so you’re able to enter as much description. Why is this a good thing?

Because when someone is looking for a particular item, the more keywords that you capture, the better your listing can be found. Titles are important because they should capture the brand name, style name, color, and size. The mo

Other Poshmark Changes We Would Love To See

Banishing Sharing Requirement

The bane of any Poshmark’s seller existence must be the constant sharing requirement. While many professional sellers with hundreds and even thousands of listings can justify using apps that do the sharing for them, it is not worth the money for those that sell casually.

Could there be a world where Poshmark does not require constant sharing for your listings to be found? If Poshmark could somehow do away with this sharing requirement, it would save so many people mindless time and energy.

Actual Sold Dates

If you’re a reseller or looking to start reselling, a piece of very helpful information to have is the completed sold listings. This information tells you if the item resells for good money and how often so that you have an idea of how much profit you can make.

However, Poshmark currently lacks a piece of vital information: the sold date. Unlike eBay, Poshmark only shows you the month and day of the listing’s last update but not the year. Why is this important? Because fashion is always changing and evolving. A brand or style that sold for great money five years ago may no longer be in demand.

When you look at how much an item was last sold on eBay, you also know exactly the date that the item was sold. So if you’re selling a more trendy piece, the information is very helpful.

More Shipping Options

Poshmark’s shipping is currently a flat price of $7.45, whether the seller offers a discount or the buyer pays for it. However, a lot of clothing such as tops and even dresses weigh less than a pound. Shipping lightweight packages can be a lot more affordable via USPS First Class. Of course, that would require sellers to have a shipping scale to know the weight.

So while Poshmark’s flat pricing makes it really easy for sellers, it can be expensive for buyers. Most of Poshmark’s competitors such as Depop and Mercari offer different shipping weights so that you’re not overpaying for a small package.

Catching Scammers

We recently wrote about the Poshmark scams that happened to us. Well, guess what? It is STILL happening. There are new accounts being made every day, stealing other Posher’s listings. There are other Poshers that warn against these scammers but instead of punishing the obvious culprits, they end up shutting actual legitimate Poshers.

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While Poshmark may not be able to catch every single scammer, they should have better systems in place to catch listings that copy the EXACT pictures and words of others. Or to pay attention to accounts or listings that are reported by multiple people.

Depop is really good about blocking IP addresses so that after your account gets banned, you cannot make a new one using the same phone or computer. So we’re not sure how these scammers are able to continue to keep making brand new Poshmark accounts after their old ones shut down.

Last Thoughts

While we have a lot more changes on our wishlist, Poshmark is adding certain features to improve the selling experience. There is a pro and con to selling on every platform but it is good when each copies the good features of their competition.

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