Offers On Depop: What Sellers Should Know About Depop’s New Offer Feature

Depop has been one of the only eCommerce platforms that do not allow buyers to submit an offer. Interested buyers wanting a discount would have to message the seller and they would have to agree on a price. However, that is changing since so if you’re a seller on Depop, here’s what you need to know about offers on Depop.

Depop’s New Offer Feature

Before we get started, you should know that the Depop app is extremely buggy. You may get messages from an interested buyer hours ago but you may not get a notification. Depop is also not as easy to navigate as its competitors like Poshmark or Mercari. The reason this is important to know is that you may not see changes they roll out. So here is what Depop’s new feature is about.

Does Depop Allow Offers?

Similar to Poshmark and Mercari, Depop added a “Make Offer” feature. This allows potential buyers to submit an offer without having to message you. However, you can only accept or reject offers on Depop. You cannot make counteroffers like you can on Poshmark or Mercari.

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How To Accept Offers On Depop?

If you received an offer through the “Make Offer” feature on Depop, you can accept or reject the offer by going through your email or directly through the Depop app. With the Depop app, click on the home icon where you will then be able to see Offers.

If your Depop app is buggy and you don’t see any notifications through there, check your email.

You will then see offers to review. Then you can choose to reject or accept it.

Know that even if you accept the offer, it is not binding like it is on Poshmark. The buyer will still have to purchase the item. That means other interested buyers can still make offers or buy the listing outright.

What The Offer Feature On Depop Will Mean For Sellers

While the intent is to allow sellers to make faster sales by making it easy to accept or reject offers, there are more negatives than positives.

One of Depop’s main attractions for us is that it did not have an offer feature. This means you get a lot fewer lowball offers like you would on Poshmark. The fact that someone would have to message you if they want a discount makes the transaction a lot more personal. So most people ask for a 10-20% discount, rather than 50-80%.

Additionally, the fact that the offer feature is not binding means the person that made the offer doesn’t have to buy the item. While this new offer feature may be good news for some buyers that do not like messaging sellers and having to go back and forth, it could mean lower offers for sellers without a sale being guaranteed.

For those that have the goal of clearing out their closets and are not worried about how much less their item may sell for, it could be a good thing. You may see a lot more offers coming in than normal. Otherwise, you can save yourself money by saving on shipping costs. All you need is a shipping scale, measuring tape, and the next article to help you.

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