Your Lululemon Align Guide: Align I, Align II, And Align With Pockets, Align Shorts

Lululemon Aligns are undoubtedly some of the most popular leggings. In recent times, the aligns have been released in different variations from joggers to shorts to ones with pockets. Here is your Lululemon align guide that will go over all the differences so you will know what quality and sizing to expect.

Lululemon Align I vs Align II

The main difference between Lululemon Align I and Align II are the seams on the waist and along the legs. The Align Is has two seams along the waist while Align II only has one clean seam. The seams along the legs on the Align Is are also sewn without tapering around the knee area. The Align IIs have tapering, which creates a more slimming effect on the legs.

Lululemon no longer makes Align I. However, you may still find them secondhand online or thrift shopping. The Align I’s actually feel softer to the touch. However, both are still super comfortable as they’re known.

Lululemon Align II vs Lululemon Align With Pockets

Around spring of 2021, Lululemon came out with the Align with pockets style. However, other than the fabric, Lululemon Align with pockets is quite different in terms of style and fit.

First, let’s go over the waistband. The regular Lululemon aligns have a folded waistband with a small left inner pocket. The minimal stitching and fabric with the super-soft Nulu fabric are what give the Aligns the “naked” sensation when worn.

The Align with pockets on the other hand is sewn differently. The front waistband is folded like the Align IIs with some angled stitching from the sides.

The back waistband is super thick. It is actually two folded fabrics stitched together with a small pocket slot in the middle. You may find that your regular size fits tighter around the waist because of this extra fabric.

There is also a lot more stitching on the Align with pockets than the regular Aligns. The extra stitching is required around each side to place the pockets. Due to the tighter waist and pockets on the side, you will find that the Align with pockets style will give you an hour-like shape. However, overall the Align with pockets will fit more held in rather than the naked sensation of the regular aligns.

Like every variation of Aligns, the Align with pockets is not recommended for high-intensity activity. In fact, we find that they need extra care because all the extra stitching means more threads that come out. They’re not recommended for anything more than lounging around, some light yoga, or weight training.

Pro Tip: You may want to size up for Align With Pockets

Lululemon Align Shorts

Lululemon Align shorts have been released in four different inseam lengths. You can find them with 4-inch inseam, 6-inch inseam, 8-inch inseam, and 10-inch inseam. The Align shorts are as comfortable as the regular Aligns. They are perfect to wear during the heat of Springs and Summers.

While the other three lengths of the Align shorts are simply shorter versions of the leggings, the 4-inch inseam Align shorts has an extra seam along each side at the back. Because the 4 inch inseams are very short, they tend to ride up a lot more than any of the other lengths.

There is a pocket variation of the 6-inch and 8-inch inseams. The Align shorts have a thicker waistband than the regular Align shorts and pockets on the side. Like the longer version of the different Align lengths, we recommend sizing up for the Align shorts with pockets.

Are Lululemon Aligns Worth The Money?

Lululemon in general offers great value in terms of comfort, quality, and fit despite the higher price tag. However, Lululemon Aligns II offers better value and more comfort than the added $20 and extra layers of the Align with pockets. We go for our Aligns for that comfort and ease of wear. The added pockets and layers of the Align with pockets version is simply not as enjoyable to wear.

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