Common Issues You Will Run Into Selling On Depop

Selling on Depop is a great way to declutter and make some extra money. However, the selling experience may not be as smooth or straightforward. While you may be frustrated by running into problems, they may be more common than you’d think. So here are some very common issues that you may run into selling on Depop and what to do about them.

Common Issues You May Run Into Selling On Depop

Delays In The Depop Message App

The very first issue you may encounter is with the Depop App. I hope that someone from Depop is reading this article so they can bring the app to the year 2021. The Depop app has so many glitches and delays. Where to start?

The first is with messaging. There is a delay when you’re messaging a potential buyer. This is a problem whether you use a phone, a tablet, or a desktop. I would be messaging something and the buyer won’t see it right away. They would then ask about something that I just sent the information for.

Depop does not give you any notification if someone has messaged you. You will have to click on the app to see a red dot on the little message icon to know you have a message. Even when you turn on the “Push notifications” for messages.

It can be frustrating that the messaging feature is not “live”. You nor your buyer may want to spend all day on the app. So when there is a delay in your negotiations, that means your sale is too.

No Sale Notifications

Speaking for notifications, the only times I realize I made a sale is because PayPal notifies me. Even though I select Depop to notify me in their “Push notification” settings. You may try to restart your devices and make sure to have the latest version of Depop. You can even try signing out and signing back in.

But if you’re still not getting Depop notifications, at least PayPal is still dependable with their notifications. If Depop is still trying to work on their own payment system, we will all just have to check our emails regularly to see if we had a sale.

Tracking Delays On The App

Now that you have made a sale, you will ship your item. If you chose to ship with Depop, Depop sent you a USPS shipping label. But a delay in tracking within the Depop app is common.

Even if your package starts tracking on USPS’s website, you may still have Depop tell you to ship.

The good news is that USPS’s tracking will overrule Depop’s systems. So you can message Depop’s helpdesk anytime to get this resolved. Or you can wait a few more days for Depop to catch up. If your buyer is claiming any issues, USPS tracking will show that it is moving.

Many sellers have issues where Depop will still say they have items to ship, even though they have shipped them days or even weeks ago.

PayPal Issues

PayPal issues are some of the most common problems you may face selling on Depop. If you’re a new seller to Depop, check this article here. If you’re a regular seller, PayPal can still withhold your funds from time to time. Even if you have been selling on Depop for a long time.

Sometimes, PayPal does this for no apparent reason. Even if the package has been delivered. However, they will eventually release your funds after 21 days or when your buyer actively goes into PayPal and receives the item.


Lowballers are not unique to Depop, they’re everywhere. You will find lowballers in every selling app, pinching pennies for any sort of discount. So while you may run into some, stay professional with a simple “Unfortunately, I cannot accept a price lower than xx at this time. Thank you for your interest.”

If you choose verbal exchange of mean words, you both risk losing your Depop account. It is better to ignore and block a user than to respond with something not nice to say.

The Price Police

If you haven’t heard of the price police, it is people who will go around thinking that you’re asking too much for an item. They can leave you messages or comments on your listing, asking why you’re charging xxx when it’s worth whatever amount they think it should be or what it’s being sold elsewhere.

As annoying as they may be, it is best to remove those comments and ignore those messages. Rather than respond with something negative to say, you can block them. Your Depop store is yours and you set the price to what you want. You can adjust your pricing as you see demand so no need to pay attention or give your time to these price police, no matter how pesky they may be.

Shady Buyers

Lastly, you may undoubtedly run into shady buyers. But again, shady buyers are not unique to Depop. They will be in every online marketplace. The best way to protect yourself is to go through Depop’s payment, make sure all addresses on Depop and PayPal match, and upload tracking if you’re shipping on your own.

For additional tips, here is a whole article for not getting scammed on Depop.

Last Tips For Selling On Depop

The one tip for selling on Depop that you need to take advantage of is to ship on your own instead of with Depop. It is much cheaper to do your own shipping than to use Depop’s rate. It is really easy to do and we show you step by step here. You will need a shipping scale, it costs less than $20 on amazon.

Knowing the weight of your package will be required, even when you choose to use “Ship with depop”. A shipping scale will let you know to the smallest ounce so that you can save on shipping costs. You can then pass on the savings to your future buyer so that you can even get more sales. That’s a win-win!

Sale slowdowns are also common. Don’t get discouraged if your sales slowed or stopped for a period. Slowdowns in the summertime are especially common when people are traveling or doing outside activities. Sales tend to pick up for back to school or for the holidays season.

Selling on Depop can be rewarding, especially when you’re aware of the little nuances and issues that you can expect. Now that you know what they are, you don’t have to get worked up next time you run into any of these problems.

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