Everything You Need to Ship a Package

If you need to ship an item, here is everything you will need to ship a package. These are essential items for small and home businesses. You can pick and choose items depending on the type of product that you will be shipping. At a minimum for what you need to ship a package, you need a shipping scale, a measuring tape, and a printer to print your shipping label. If you are shipping regularly, having these tools will help streamline your workflow.

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Even more options below! If you have a thermal printer, we also have free fall-themed and winter-themed “thank you” stickers that you can print for free.

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If you are not already selling on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, mercari, Shopify, or depop, you should consider it to expand your customer base. These platforms have tens of millions of active users. They are easy to use and worth the effort to learn how to sell. We have many resources to get you started. If you need guidance on where to start selling your products, check out our post here.

Knowing how to ship your products without standing in long lines at the post office or paying too much for postage is important. We have many posts giving you tips for shipping affordably here and here. We also show you a step-by-step guide here and here.

Our tips for everything you need to ship a package are all affordable items. You do not have to spend a lot on shipping material. You can also check out this post for tips on where you can get free shipping supplies. If you own a thermal printer, we also have free stickers you can print for your packages here, here, and here. We are here to help you keep the most of what you earned.

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