How To Ship Large Flat Items (With Pictures)

Shipping packages is not so straightforward sometimes. Occasionally, you may run into having to ship awkward large and flat items. Large flat items include wood signs, posters, flat art pieces that can’t be bent, and various other objects. So in this post, we will show you step-by-step with picture instructions for how to ship large flat items with shipping material you already have at home.

What You Need To Ship Large Flat Items

Before we get started, there are some shipping rules with USPS you should know. If you use USPS to ship, the maximum allowable dimensions are 108 inches in total. The good news is that flat packages will not have much height so you will be able to ship many flat objects that will be below the maximum limit.

As with shipping anything, make sure that you have a shipping scale and a measuring tape. You will need two boxes: one for the item and the other to cut and fill the gaps. Additionally, grab some tissue paper for the ends.

How To Ship Large Flat Items

In our example, we are shipping a Gucci box that has been laid flat with a shopping tote. The largest dimensions are 24in x 18in.

Look for a box that is bigger than the item that you’re trying to ship. Lay it flat next to your item to make sure that it will fit inside.

Insert the item inside the flat box. You will see that there are gaps where the box would have normally been folded. This gap will need to be filled.

Take another box. You will need to cut four small rectangular pieces to fill the gaps.

Each rectangle piece only needs to be long enough to cover the gap.

Take each small rectangle and lay it behind the gaps. Grab some tape.

Tape the rectangle piece across the gap of the box from the inside. Repeat for all four of the gaps.

Insert some tissue paper at the ends of your item. This is so that once your outer box is taped, the item will not shift up and down. You want to be able to prevent the contents from moving.

Start taping the flat box all around.

Your finished product will not be the prettiest. However, your item will be protected.

You can use our FREE recycling stickers here to put them on the box. Put on your shipping label and you’re done!

We printed these with our thermal label printer so once we cut them, they are able to stick like a sticker.

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